Developmental Disabilities Person-Centered Services

Reflektions Ltd. provides person-centered, individually tailored supports based on individuals’ needs, wants, and desires while working diligently to help achieve and fulfill short- and long-term goals.

Homemaker / Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care, often called HPC, supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs. Direct service providers help people with household chores and personal care.

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Participant – Directed Homemaker / Personal Care

This service includes help with things like getting dressed, making food, and accessing things in the community. With Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care, a person may decide how much to pay their staff and they may act as the employer.

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Transportation offers people with disabilities a way to access their waiver services, community activities, and resources when other people or agencies cannot provide transportation free of charge.

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Why Should You Apply?

You have a desire to make a strong impact in the lives of the individuals with developmental disabilities

Person-Centered Services

We are always looking forward to hearing your concerns so we can better address your needs