Participant – Directed Homemaker / Personal Care

This service includes help with things like getting dressed, making food, and accessing things in the community. With Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care, a person may decide how much to pay their staff and they may act as the employer.

Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care is an option available through all three of the waivers DODD administers. It is not a requirement of the Individual Options or Level One waivers, but participant-direction is a requirement of the SELF Waiver. The person enrolled or a representative they choose must be willing and able to direct at least one service. Learn more about participant-directed services

A person can choose to direct their Homemaker/Personal Care services through any of the waivers offered by DODD. Participant-direction gives the person more control and authority to decide who provides their services and how those services are provided. The person must want to be in charge of staff-employer responsibility but can receive assistance.

Why Should You Apply?

You have a desire to make a strong impact in the lives of the individuals with developmental disabilities

Person-Centered Services

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